Stay tuned for more fundraisers in 2016!!!

Sponsorship Campaign

These are being sent out to local and national businesses!  Lets raise some money!

Fundraiser package

Art Decko @ Sulfur Studios (4/28/16)

Over 100 artists contributed artwork on skateboards to help raise a little over $8,000 for the skatepark!  This event was largely made possible by Sulfur Studios, 13 Bricks Clothing, Brighter Day Natural Food Market, Le Chai, Service Brewing, and Clockwork Skateshop.

ArtDecko_GalleryCard_ol 1

ArtDecko_GalleryCard_ol 2


Loose Leaf Skateboards Video @ The Sentient Bean (1/2016)

Loose Leaf Skateboards premiered a new video filmed by Jordan Anstatt to help raise over $550 to go toward the skatepark!



Game of SKATE (11/2015)

Our good friends at Loose Leaf Skateboards, Red Brick Zine, and SCAD Skates put on a game of SKATE to help raise some money!



Mexican Fiesta at North Beach Bar and Grill (8/2015)

The fine folks at North Beach Bar and Grill threw an awesome fun-filled fundraiser that helped us raise another $3100 toward the cause!

Mexican Fiesta

SK8 ART Camp/Gallery Show (Fall 2012)

In the late Fall of 2012, we organized a 2 day camp for kids to create one-of-a-kind custom skateboards.  These boards went on to hang in Foxy Loxy Cafe for a whole month.  The proceeds from the sales of these skateboards helped us add another $1500 to constructing the skatepark.




Tony Hawk Foundation Grant (8/2012)

We were the proud recipients of a $25,000 grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation!!  This is the maximum amount that they give!!


All Hands On Deck (10/2011)

On Friday, October 14, 2011 a silent auction of skateboard art was held at Little Beasts Gallery. We had over 50 local and national artists participate in this event and raised $10,000 that night! This event took several months to plan and could not have happened without the help of Clara Fishel, Mary Cale Anderegg, Juliana Peloso, and Clayton Dodd.

All Hands On Deck




Chick-Fil-A  (8/2011)

On Thursday, August 18, 2011 Chick-fil-A was kind enough to donate 20% of their sales to the Savannah Skatepark. This event was put together by 10-yr old Luke Edenfield with a little help from his mother Kris. We raised $316.30 that night thanks to all of the folks that came out and had a #1 for the skatepark.


Marc Jacobs T-Shirt Campaign

In 2009 Marc Jacobs launched a t-shirt campaign with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Savannah Skatepark. To this day we have received over $115,000  from this campaign. These shirts were made available at all of the Marc Jacobs store locations throughout the USA and Internationally.  Marc Jacobs International is well on their way to being the largest sole contributor to the construction of a public skatepark ever! All photos copyright of Marc Jacobs International.





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