Welcome to the Savannah Skatepark

We are a non-profit group (501 c3) called Chatham County Skate Park Supporters dedicated to constructing a 25,000 square foot free public concrete skatepark at Lake Mayer Community Park in Savannah, GA. In 2010, the Chatham County Commission voted unanimously to place the skatepark at Lake Mayer. Our group has been actively working with Chatham County officials over the past year on making this park a reality. In 2011, we selected Team Pain Skateparks to design and build the skatepark. Team Pain is a world-renowned skatepark company and has had twenty plus years building skateparks. Since this time we have had several fundraisers in order to construct the skatepark, but we need more to accomplish our goal. This park will be a community effort, and cannot be completed without your help. Our goal is begin construction in 2014.