Go Skateboarding Day

Happy Go Skateboarding Day everyone!!

Skatepark Update: We are going to have a public meeting next month to discuss the next steps that need to be taken. We have some hard deadlines to meet in order for this process to keep moving forward. The plans for the park have been approved and permitted. The only holdup on groundbreaking is funding, which in all honesty is not that big of a hurdle. There are many avenues to take in securing the funding for the skatepark, and we intend to take them. Stay tuned for more details on a meeting time and location. Now go skate!!


We are still working on selecting a site contractor for the site grading of the skatepark, and it is on the top priority list with our engineer. This is another part of the process, but it is forward momentum. I hope that everyone enjoys their long weekend, but remember that “A day off is a day on”. Shirley Sessions told me that many moons ago.

site grading

Calling all Site Grading Contractors.  If you know of a contractor or are a contractor with site grading/earth moving experience and would like to receive a Request for Proposal for the upcoming site work at the skatepark, then send us an email at savannahskatepark@gmail.com.  Thanks everyone!!

Plans approved from the City of Savannah

Plans approved!! Next step is selecting a contractor for the site grading, then a pre-construction meeting with the city/county, then ground breaking!! Still a lot of work to do before we can break ground, but we are working diligently toward breaking ground this year. Thanks for all the support and for sticking with us!! Stay tuned!!!

Still working

We are still working with the city of Savannah on acquiring permits. Since every city department was able to review the plans, there are quite a few comments to address. Luckily, we have a great engineer working diligently on that. We hope to get these plans resubmitted in the next couple of weeks. We are working very hard on this project, and things like this do not happen overnight (as much as we would like them to). We will keep you posted on updates, and thank you for the continued support.