Site Clean-Up This Saturday 5/27/17

Don’t forget!!  We’ll be out at Lake Mayer on Saturday, May 27th at 10:00 am till we finish!

We need to clean up the skatepark site!  We’ll have some silt fence repair to do, vegetation to remove, and trash to pick up!  We’ll have some waste bags and some hand tools, but feel free to bring your own!  See you on Saturday!

Site Clean-Up and Donations!!

Hey everyone!!!

In anticipation of Team Pain Skateparks’ arrival, we need to have a site clean-up.  We will be on site fixing the silt fence, clearing vegetation, and cleaning up the site on Saturday, May 27th at 10:00 am till we finish.  We will provide shovels, hand tools, waste bags, etc… but feel free to bring your own tools!  See you then!

We received a $500 donation from National Distributing!  Thank you so much!!

We’ve still got some fundraisers in the works and are still accepting donations!  Check out our home page for materials/equipment and follow this link to donate money!!

Stay tuned for more news!!  

Updates and Donations!

We successfully completed our pre-construction meeting with the City of Savannah, Team Pain Skateparks, and Thomas and Hutton.  We’re moving forward with scheduling and still seeking out monetary donations as well as materials and equipment.  If you’d like to help then please contact us at  

We’ve received some monetary donations over the last couple of weeks

$100 – Bull Street Taco 

$500 – Mitchell and Rebecca Jones

$500 – Jason and Lori Barlow

$5000 – Stephen and Jennifer Standing

Stephen and Jennifer Standing have also generously offered up a house for the Team Pain Crew to reside during construction!  We’re still on the lookout for another place for the rest of the crew.  So contact us if you you would like to help!

Flint Equipment has donated a skid steer for us to use for a couple of weeks too!  And Atlantic Waste Services has donated a dumpster for the duration of the job!!

We’re doing our best to make this happen, but we can’t do it without you!  Contact us if you’d like to help!!

Location Gallery Fundraiser and other news

From March 31 to April 2, Juliana Peloso and Peter Roberts will be showcasing their artwork at Location Gallery (417 Whitaker Street, Savannah, GA 31401) and donating proceeds toward the park!  So mark your calendars and come out to see some great art!!

In other news, we have received our updated permits from the city of Savannah and are now scheduling with Team Pain to begin construction.  We’ve got a lot of work to do and more money to raise before their arrival, so stay tuned on how you can help!!!

Brighter Day Fundraiser

As we finalize our permits with the city of Savannah, we’ll be keeping the fundraising in full swing!  The Brodhead family has been supporting this effort since day one, and now they’re continuing to support us with this awesome fundraiser!  So come out to Brighter Day on Saturday March 11th and support the skatepark!

Sorry Charlie’s (2/25)

Our next fundraiser is this Saturday (2/25) at Sorry Charlie’s (116 W Congress Street).  From 6-9 pm, the staff at Sorry Charlie’s will be roasting some local oysters to benefit the skatepark!  Advance tickets are only $20 and go up to $25 the day of the event!  We will be there with a table set up!  So come say hey and eat some great food!

More Fundraisers and other news!!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Green Truck Fundraiser!!  Big thanks to Josh and Whitney, Brooklyn Brewery, Ryan from Rock 106.1, and the awesome Green Truck staff!  We also want to give an overdue thank you to the Savannah Community Foundation!  We were the recipients of a $300 grant from them!  We’d also like to thank Wesco Aircraft for a donation of $500!  Thanks so much!  Every bit helps us get closer to our goal.

Our next fundraiser is coming up this Saturday (2/4) at the Jinx!  Thanks to Gil, Greta O., and Matt for putting this together!  See you there!

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