Saturday 4/25


This Saturday (4/25) come see Loose Leaf Skateboards and Woody’s Skatepark team riders Miles Silva and Ichiro Yamada talk about the skatepark at our Savannah Skatepark table in front of Brighter Day (1102 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401).  We will be raffling off a skateboard and promoting the skatepark.  Come by and find out how you can help!

Go Fund Me!


Happy Easter everyone!

Team Pain Skateparks will be here in early 2016 to build this park! Lets raise the rest of these funds to build the first free public skatepark in Savannah!

This is just one of the ways we are going to raise money. We have a small group of people that have been working together over the last few months to secure other funding sources and plan future fundraisers. Now its your turn to help! Lets raise this money Savannah! Share with your friends and family! This is going to be your skatepark!


Today marks the first day that ground has been officially broken for a free public skatepark in Savannah, GA.  We will be having a public meeting on Sunday (3/29) at 3:00 pm at the skatepark site in Lake Mayer.  We encourage everyone who is interested in helping with the skatepark to be in attendance.  We’ll see you then!

Groundbreaking and Meeting

We are having an official groundbreaking with the local government officials on Thursday 3/26.  We will be having a public meeting the following Sunday (3/29) at 3:00 pm at the skatepark site.  We encourage all supporters and potential donors to be in attendance at the public meeting on Sunday (3/29).  See you then!

Where we are

Ok folks, here is the deal.

We have some deadlines to meet and money to raise.

Let’s start with the deadlines.

We have until 12/19/2014 to have a pre-construction meeting on site with the site grading contractors, the city, the county, and us.

We have until 12/19/2015 to begin construction. Both of these deadlines are based on the requirements of our permits with the City of Savannah. If we do not meet these deadlines, we lose our permits.

Over the last year we have been acquiring our permits, soliciting site grading contractor, and working with Team Pain Skateparks on a material list and labor costs.

We have all of the above sorted out, and we now have a final number to raise.
That number is 375,000.
It breaks down to 130K for materials, and 245K for Team Pain’s costs. We have about 140K in the bank, but that money is allotted for site grading.

375K is a big number, but luckily we’ve never directly asked anyone for money. And that is one way we are going to raise this amount. Over the past couple months, we have been putting together a sponsorship brochure that you can download here

There are also many corporate businesses in Savannah that either offer grants or hold in-store fundraisers. We intend to fully pursue those avenues as well.

The only thing that is holding this park up is money. The land is secure. We have permits. Now we just need the capital. Three people are largely responsible for the amount of funds raised thus far. Now it’s your turn to help.

We have about a year and a half to raise this money. We’re game. Who’s with us?

– Ben, Kathryn, and Adam
Chatham County Skate Park Supporters