Green Truck Fundraiser and other news

Happy New Year everyone!!

We’re gearing up to get Team Pain Skateparks here ASAP and will be posting material/equipment needs in the next couple of weeks so that you can get involved!  We are still actively raising money and will be doing so during the park’s construction.  If you would like to donate we have a paypal account as well as a gofundme page.

Our next Fundraiser is at Green Truck Pub located at 2430 Habersham Street!  We’ll be selling t-shirts and raffling off skateboards!


See you there!!


Hurricane Matthew

We may get knocked back, but you can’t keep us down for long! We hope everyone fared ok during the hurricane, and minimal damage occurred if any. A big thanks goes out to the service providers from all over the state and beyond! We are very grateful for your hard work! We’ve got some grant applications out and some fundraisers in the works for the next few months in anticipation of Team Pain Skateparks arrival! Stay tuned everyone! img_1263

Chipotle Fundraiser

Hey everyone!!! Our next fundraiser is Tuesday, September 13th from 5-9 at both Chipotle locations in Savannah! All you have to do is say you are there for the skatepark or show one of the flyers below, and Chipotle will donate 50% of that sale toward the skatepark!!


Meetings and new design

The meetings went well this past weekend. Tito from Team Pain Skateparks came down and revealed a more streamlined/affordable design for us. We had some good feedback from the community, and there was a genuine interest from Chatham County elected officials. However, we still have a lot of work to do!

Please continue to write your County Commissioners and state your support for this project. We are going to continue to fundraise throughout the rest of the year. We have some grant requests that are under review as well as some fundraisers in the works. We also have a gofundme page.

If you are a business owner or know any business owners that would like to be a sponsor of the park, then let us know. We can get you a sponsorship package ASAP.

Lets make this happen people! The revamped design has a ballpark price tag of $200K. We have about $90K in the bank. We can’t do this without you!

SAVANNAH ORIGINAL NEW CONCEPT__1470707636_73.48.78.100

County Meeting Update

About 10 people showed up in support of the skatepark. Although our funding request was not on the agenda, we were allowed to speak. Several of us spoke on behalf of the skatepark, and we were even acknowledged for our work and dedication thus far. It remains to be seen if we will receive any funding.

You can and still need to contact your county commissioners and vocalize your support! Highlight the items listed below in your letters!

– Ours is a one-time request; we will not come back and ask for
more money.
– There is a real need for this facility.
– Skateboarding is safe.
– Volunteers have done a tremendous amount of work to date.

You can contact your elected officials at the link below!


Happy Go Skateboarding Day!!


Attention all skaters, supporters, parents, business owners, etc….

We need you to attend the county budget hearing this Friday, June 24th at 9:30 am. The hearing will be held at 124 Bull Street, 2nd floor. To date, all funds have been raised through grants, fundraisers, and private donations. In addition to thanking the commissioners for providing the location at Lake Mayer, we will be asking for a one time allocation from the county to help complete the park. Please come to show your support. If you’re unable to attend, calls and emails of support to the county commissioners would be greatly appreciated.