Updates and Donations!

We successfully completed our pre-construction meeting with the City of Savannah, Team Pain Skateparks, and Thomas and Hutton.  We’re moving forward with scheduling and still seeking out monetary donations as well as materials and equipment.  If you’d like to help then please contact us at savannahskatepark@gmail.com.  

We’ve received some monetary donations over the last couple of weeks

$100 – Bull Street Taco 

$500 – Mitchell and Rebecca Jones

$500 – Jason and Lori Barlow

$5000 – Stephen and Jennifer Standing

Stephen and Jennifer Standing have also generously offered up a house for the Team Pain Crew to reside during construction!  We’re still on the lookout for another place for the rest of the crew.  So contact us if you you would like to help!

Flint Equipment has donated a skid steer for us to use for a couple of weeks too!  And Atlantic Waste Services has donated a dumpster for the duration of the job!!

We’re doing our best to make this happen, but we can’t do it without you!  Contact us if you’d like to help!!

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